Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicago Connection

It amazes me to no end the kinds of people I find riding. Today after doing a few good climbs up the Marin Headlands I ran into Emanuele Bianchi. He was pretty easy to spot with his XXX kit on (I only know of this team because a friend of mine also rides for them). The kit is a rare site out here since they are based out of Chicago. We chatted for a bit about all kinds of things. Like the importance of aero wheels on dog carriers and the Italian Mob (I am kind of Italian, so I was "in"). Additionally, he gave me the inside scoop on the indoor Velodrome that Chi-town is putting up over the next few years. I tried to convince him to just take the money and get a jet and a house in Malibu if he needed to get some training done, but his true mission was to bring back 6 day racing and other various track racing to the USA, not just to get out of the cold during the Chicago winters. Apparently USA Steel company is throwing down too, so if you are reading this and building a sky scraper, give them a holla!!