Tuesday, December 6, 2011

F* Banks

Listing agent to Tim: "If you use our bank we'll give you a huge credit"

Tim to Bank: "If you can be competitive I will use you"

Bank to Tim: "Sure, but let's not put it in writing just yet as rates might change"

time passes.....

Tim to Bank: "I need in writing the terms of the loan so I can get this paperwork done"

Bank to Tim: "We are going to suck up all those credits in fee's we neglected to tell you about before when you asked about them"

Tim to Bank and Listing agent: "ummmmmmmm... eat sh*t"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blogspot = WINNING!

I just picked up a $40 GC to Lombardi sports for $20. Should I say Epic Winning!

Just in case you want one, here is the link.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not even mad

I thought Duke was not the brightest dog around. After all, he only knows a few words like: sit, stay, and OK... But maybe I underestimated him.

Before I left for my ride today, I cleaned off the kitchen table. But apparently left a bag of Wonderful Pistachios. After a couple hours on the bike, I got home to find this.... At least he put the shells on the table mat for easy cleaning. Thanks Duke! Since you showed me that courtesy, I am not even mad.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everybody go TNT NUTS!

Tuesday night crits started up in Santa Rosa last night. Tay-Tay and I headed up to SR from SF to join up with Sterling and Collin. After chasing Tay-Tay for the 60 hilly miles I felt a little haggared. But that was the idea.

Plan A: Attack, attack, attack
Plan B: Attack, attack, go harder
Plan C: Complete detonation

Since the sun was only a few degrees from the horizon, I figured to start out with nice hot lap. Somebody followed but I am not sure who. We were caught shortly after the first lap but the attacks kept coming.

The last couple laps were a bit nuts. I won a prime at 4(?) laps to go. But me and a RedPeloton rider had a huge lead over the field. I attempted to keep it going but we were caught in the next lap. Tay-Tay went to the front and kept the pace hot! A last minute surge came around the back side of the course at 1 to go and it was game on! As we went under the gate from the Mexican Village a slight deceleration prompted me to make my move. Charlie Schneider saw it and it was a horse race. Little did we know that Collin was on it and attacked us from the other side of the road to pimp us for the WIN!!!

1st: Collin Samman
2nd: Timmo
3rd: Chucky

Thanks again to all the sponsors. Especially Ernie with Edge Design USA. We were rocking the 50mm Carbon clinchers, except Sterling who was on the 85's. Pure speed!

It was great to see everybody again. Ronnie and the gang do a great job putting on the race for sure.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Redlands Stage 1 Race Report: Strava File

Redlands Stage 1: Beaumont Road Race My roll today was domestique. So I had the opportunity to go to the car a few times and bring up water to the team. The first lap intense and very aggressive. Lap 2 settled down a bit. Lap 3 I missed the feeds in the feed zone and tried (failed) to convince other teams to give me water. I burned a few matched trying to catch back onto the pack after the feed zone and it took a lot out of me. Lap 4 was much better but then I flatted near the top. After I got a wheel change I rode in steady for the last lap and a half with them with the only goal being to make the time cut. Mission accomplished!

Key Stat of the day.... 4600 calories in 5 hours!

Also, I will be using Strava.com for your entertainment. It is a pretty cool site that lets you upload your GPS data and have it calculate KOM's and other pretty cool things. You could call it an online cycling community. You can do it free or you can get a membership. If you want the membership, I have a coupon code to save you some money.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Radiation found in Bananas


On Edge

Just threw the new Edge Design bars on the bike. So far so good. They have a flat top which I love. Additionally under the bars there is cable routing tunnels to clean the bar up. I also like the shape of the drop as it is a cross between traditional curved bars and the ergo bars. Lots of different hand positions feel good.

Also, note the wheel set! They are an all carbon 50mm deep rim on a reasonably light hubset. More impressive is the bearings. The tiniest impulse will set the wheel in motion forever. The standard color is red, but these are the team-spec green. I am told that there are a few left for sale team-spec color if you want them.

Is your bike on Edge?

On Edge

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost Famous: Volume 13 "Beef'ocity"

Another 15 minutes of fame for yours truly.

NorCal Cycling News just did a piece on my Leopard DC-1. No surprise, they came to the same conclusion as I did back in the day.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Nuclear Fallout Map HOAX

Please be advised that if you see this map that it is a complete fabrication. This was not put out by the Australian Radiation Services. It was done by some bozo with photoshop trying to scare you.

If you don't believe me, check their website.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Almost Famous: Volume 12

Hey everybody. I got another 15 minutes of fame. Check out the new Smith Optics catalog.

Yours truly,


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rocks by the Stream

Rocks by the Stream

Here is my latest painting. I tis kind of like the one yesterday but with a different foreground.

Hope you like!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Hobby

As some of you know I have recently taken up painting. Ans since i have been sick for the past couple weeks I had some time to practice. I have added a bunch on PhotoBucket.com.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chicago Connection

It amazes me to no end the kinds of people I find riding. Today after doing a few good climbs up the Marin Headlands I ran into Emanuele Bianchi. He was pretty easy to spot with his XXX kit on (I only know of this team because a friend of mine also rides for them). The kit is a rare site out here since they are based out of Chicago. We chatted for a bit about all kinds of things. Like the importance of aero wheels on dog carriers and the Italian Mob (I am kind of Italian, so I was "in"). Additionally, he gave me the inside scoop on the indoor Velodrome that Chi-town is putting up over the next few years. I tried to convince him to just take the money and get a jet and a house in Malibu if he needed to get some training done, but his true mission was to bring back 6 day racing and other various track racing to the USA, not just to get out of the cold during the Chicago winters. Apparently USA Steel company is throwing down too, so if you are reading this and building a sky scraper, give them a holla!!