Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Everybody go TNT NUTS!

Tuesday night crits started up in Santa Rosa last night. Tay-Tay and I headed up to SR from SF to join up with Sterling and Collin. After chasing Tay-Tay for the 60 hilly miles I felt a little haggared. But that was the idea.

Plan A: Attack, attack, attack
Plan B: Attack, attack, go harder
Plan C: Complete detonation

Since the sun was only a few degrees from the horizon, I figured to start out with nice hot lap. Somebody followed but I am not sure who. We were caught shortly after the first lap but the attacks kept coming.

The last couple laps were a bit nuts. I won a prime at 4(?) laps to go. But me and a RedPeloton rider had a huge lead over the field. I attempted to keep it going but we were caught in the next lap. Tay-Tay went to the front and kept the pace hot! A last minute surge came around the back side of the course at 1 to go and it was game on! As we went under the gate from the Mexican Village a slight deceleration prompted me to make my move. Charlie Schneider saw it and it was a horse race. Little did we know that Collin was on it and attacked us from the other side of the road to pimp us for the WIN!!!

1st: Collin Samman
2nd: Timmo
3rd: Chucky

Thanks again to all the sponsors. Especially Ernie with Edge Design USA. We were rocking the 50mm Carbon clinchers, except Sterling who was on the 85's. Pure speed!

It was great to see everybody again. Ronnie and the gang do a great job putting on the race for sure.