Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vines are Bearing Leaves

Great day for riding

Homecoming: May 22nd and 23rd

Just talked with John Lefler about racing the Flatwater Cycling Weekend. It is a two crit race series in Lincoln Nebraska. The two courses they have picked out are amazing! Pioneers Park is close to my heart and the Capitol City Crit will be FAST! I will probably have a team mate too ;-)

Race Flier

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sea Otter Wrap Up

Image Courtesy of Brian at VeloImages
Riders Tim Farnham and Adam Carr

The criterium was a bit of a challenge as one team consisted of 10 of the 27 starters. They used their numbers to their advantage launching attack after attack. We did out best to keep the groups behind chasing and there are a few photos of us leading that group.

Farnham: 9th
Carr: 19th

Road Race:
Riders Tim Farnham, Adam Carr, and Matt Landen

The Road Race was an amazing course. 9 laps of "the wall" on Fort Ord proved to be a lot of climbing and an exciting finish. The first time up the wall was fast and furious. Splintering the group. But all three of us made it up and over. However the second time up another attack split the peloton into several groups. Matt Landen and myself were in the main groupetto of about 20 riders. At the base of the climb for the third time, I could see the leaders and rode as hard in hope to catch them. Just after we crested a group of 8 rolled through and caught on to the leaders. Unfortunately, Matt was caught in traffic and the group split in front of him. Attack after attack was launched as riders tried to bridge up to the couple riders off the front. I just sat on and tried to ride wheels. In the end, the 2 mile climb broke up the group of 20 riders.

Farnham: 13th
Landen: 27th

Circuit Race:
Riders Tim Farnham, Adam Carr, Matt Landen, and Eric Bennett

Just as the other 2 races went, it was dominated by large team tactics. Attacks started form the gun and it was up to the smaller teams to chase. We did a great job of fighting for position and not letting groups get away. But 50 minutes into the 2 hour race, I flatted and was unable to catch back on to the group. Adam Carr was working hard for us chasing down attacks and getting water for us. In the end, Landen and Bennet put in great efforts to chase but paid for it later on, but still managed to finish with the pack.

Matt Landen 25th
Eric Bennet 26th

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sea otter

Sea otter went pretty well. 10th and 13th but flattedout of the circuit. Oh well, racing in Santa Cruz tomorrow. Props to my new coach Giana Roberge for my new found fitness.

Biggest Lap Dog I Have Ever Seen

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interesting Photo

After the race on Saturday I was wondering if I was actually jammed into the curb or if I was just being a whiner. But I think this photo shows it. Guess I need to start fighting back eh?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Racing went OK today. Felt great for 3 hours, then the cold, rain, and lack of on the bike nutrition caught up with me. Haven't cracked that hard in years. 48 degrese, rain, wind, and no cold / rain gear hurt. So cold I could not feel my pockets to grab my food I had packed. It is an odd feeling colapsing after riding in the winning break. Especially after working so hard to dwindle it down.

Brain still fried. I will try more complete thoughts next time :-P

Saturday, April 10, 2010

3rd today

3rd today at apple pie. Rained in the am and was perfect when we started. Won a beer prime and that started "the break." 5 of us almost lapped the field, nut in the end we got yahoo'ed. 2 yahoos, 1 cal giant and one webcor. Yahoo took a flier and nobody wanted to jump on the grenade. Webcor ended up taking the bullet and gave the other yahoo a rode to the finish. I was just behind that.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Here it is!

Does your Bottom Bracket do this?

Mine does!

One of the coolest product sponsors we have is Hawk bottom brackets. It doesn't seem that cool, until you understand what it is. Instead of ceramic balls, they use super high grade steel balls. Why??? Because after a few rides on your ceramic BB, you have a sand BB. Not the case with these. Also, half the cost of ceramic. I have been using the Hawk BB for a couple months now and guess what, the cranks spin sooooo smoooooth! And for around $100, can life get better? I submit that it cannot!

Follow this link and go to the "shop now" link on the top of the page.

Biggest WNWCWC Ever! 3:00 Gurnney & Pholton

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