Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cherry Pie Recap and Leopard DC1 Bike Review

Adam Carr and Me

Hello Paul!

Leopard DC1 = PIMP

First race of the season is down for the count. Going into the race, we knew the race would be dictated by the areas two biggest and fastest teams. Cal Giant and Yahoo! showed up and took charge right away. Since the race is so sort, it typically comes down to a bunch kick. However 3 laps into it about a dozen guys slipped away. No other teams seemed interested in having an organized chase so all it ended up being was a solo attack with wheels suckers destroying the chase. (Here is a hint... If you don't want the break to work and you don't have the legs to bring it back, don't muddy up the chase by sitting 2nd wheel and not pulling trough. Just sit back about 10 wheels and let us bring it back). At about the 30 minute mark, Adam Carr and I just kept attacking. Mike Sayers also played with us along with a couple other folks. In the end, no pie :-( BUT... I am leading the Cycles Gladiator Uninhibited Rider Series (most aggressive rider).

So, I have had quite a few questions about THE BIKE!!! Well, it is a Leopard DC1 equipped with American Classic 420's, American Classic Seatpost, Selle Italia Max Flight saddle, Exustar PR101 pedals and carbon cages, and Maxxis Cormet Tires. I am not sure if the bike even touches 15 pounds. Fortunately for us they did not do a bike weigh in before the race :-D As far has handling goes, I am very impressed. Coming from a very popular $5500 Italian frame last year, the bar is set quite high. But amazingly enough, this frame is less then half the cost is every bit as much of a race machine as I have ever been on. Not only does it pass the stiffness and handling test, it also looks HOT! So lemme think... Light weight, sprinter stiff, and affordable?!?! Well done Leopard!

I will have more preports on the rest of the equipment later. But I got to get some rest.

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  1. Most aggressive rider - I am not surprised. Good work timmo.