Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day: Heaven or Heartbreak?

This day comes once every year. For some it is looked forward to like opening Christmas presents Christmas morning (say the female in the relationship). For others, it is as painful as... getting ready for Christmas (let's just say, the dude). It is quite the pressure to:

1. Remember what you did last year
2. Think of what you can do better, after all you DID go all out LAST YEAR!!!
3. Remember all those good ideas you had the prior week while you were driving / riding your bike / or whatever mindless thing that lets your mind wander.

Those who have are trying to figure out how to make the day special for somebody else. Those who have not are constantly reminded that they... have not.

So for all those of you have's, lets be thankful for what we have. For those have-nots, hang in there. At least there was no pressure ;-)

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  1. And then the bratty little sister came and crashed it!