Friday, June 19, 2009

Tour of Dairyland

Just a few updates...


These are still going on. Fritz Wisor has committed to leading them from now on in my absence.

Tour of Dairyland - Blue Mounds

Mile 15 of 90 I got caught up in a wreck that messed the bike up, but not me (kinda). Me and 3 other guys wrestled a head wind for about 5 miles to catch back on. I had about 1 minute to recover before blasting up the longest climb of the day (8850 feet in 88 miles). About half way up my legs were lactic loaded and I ended up in a group that was contesting for 20th place at best. Good news is that Frank Pipp was able to come out with a 4th place on the day and Sheldon was about 15th (we think).

Tour of Dairyland - Waterloo

90 minute crit with a 50 foot climb on the back side. We did a pretty good job of getting into breaks and covering moves. But in the end, the rain and slick pavement got the best of Frank and I. Good news is that Sheldon felt good under the conditions. However, no real result. Looking forward to tomorrow... 85 degrees and sunny! California weather if you will!

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