Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pre Greeville Thoughts

I am writing this before the US Pro national championships. In a couple hours I will be lining up with some of the biggest names in peloton. King George is out to defend. Brent is out to take it away. BISSELL is here to upset. I am here to give 'em all hell.

So here I sit in the hotel room reflecting on the season, past couple years, and ths sport of cycling. It sure has been a long and fun journey. I guess it started talking to my dad and my Uncle Jeff about buying my first road bike for a staggaring $1,000. Then my first race in Minnesota with the University of Nebraska's cycling team. My first win as a category 5 at the Capitol City Criterium, then watching Marco Vasquez and the Lincoln Plating crew batteling it out in the Pro/1/2 race. 5 years later being introduced to Glen Mitchell at San Dimas and then later on that day winning the road race in a field sprint. I would have never thought 6 months later he would call me while I was sitting in my office at 3M to race for BISSELL. There was Philly... oh my... one adventure after another. This sure has been a fun ride!

I wish I could properly thank all the people who helped me along the way. From the family to my coach, team managers to teammates, shop sponsors to manufacturers... you know who you are!

Now I got to go. Put shoes on my feet and air in my tires.

Stars and bars baby! Time to suffer >:-)