Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Questions about next season...

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of friends and family asking all sorts of questions about my team for next year. So I thought I'd put together a little blurb on some of the more popular questions.

Question #1: Are you racing the Tour of California?
Answer: Not in 2009. Bissell has 15 riders on the team and most of them have been competing at this level for years.

Question #2: really!?.. so is it the "real" team?
Answer: yes, it is the real team. Is there a "fake" one that I need to know about??

Question #3: Are you quitting your job at 3M?
Answer: No. Unlike other professional sports, there are no quarter million dollar minimum salary requirements in cycling. However I may have to take some extra vacation and figure something out over the summer. My management at 3M seem pretty excited for me and have offered to be flexible.

Question #4: So how much do you make.
Answer: See the last patagraph from Paul Mach's blog on Monday, November 10th.

Question #5: What kind of bike?
Answer: Pinarello Prince spec'd with Campagnolo Record 11 and Easton wheels.

So that's the top 5 for now.

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