Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo worth 1000+ words

I had some time yesterday to rifle through some pictures from the past couple years of racing. This photo came up and it opened up a flood of amazing memories from last season. It was taken by Ronnie on a training ride with the team earlier in the year. It reminds me of just how much RedPeloton means to me and how proud I am to be assocated with them. We spent a lot of time together doing all sorts of fun stuff. From cross country skiing up in Tahoe, driving around in Ronnie's and Andrew's team cars going all over the state, volunteering at all sorts of community events (there are quite a few that haven't made it on the website yet), and epic rides on Saturday morning, we sure had a lot of fun. It will be amazing to see the team grow and continue to represent the NCNCA as the primere team from Sonoma county.

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  1. tim rules, just thought i would get that out there, however i have still beaten him to more city limit signs.