Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bissell Training Camp - Day 2

Today started off well. We met in the late morning for a good breakfast at the team hotel. Most of the team then worked on their new bikes, but since I already had mine as of last Friday, I got to lounge a bit. Then shortly after 11:00AM, we set off for a coffee run.... in Healdsburg. We stopped at the world famous Flying Goat, for some of their french press brew and goat barz. Very tasty indeed.

There seemed to be a lot of interest in the team at the Flying Goat. I mean, how often do you see $80,000 worth of new bikes sitting in front of a coffee shop?

This was the view for a lot of the ride. It was a recovery day for most since they were just trying to get used to their new whips. There was even a Belle Velo gal that passed us on the way back into Santa Rosa. But in all fairness, she was probably on EPO or something.

Now it is off to photo land!

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  1. oohhh now I know where to go to get my hands on a sweet new pinarello.