Monday, January 12, 2009

"I didn't hire you to race cyclocross" -Glen Mitchell

This weekend I decided to take a stab at cyclocross... um... riding ;-) It was a good time for sure. Lots of music, lots of friends, lots of beer... and a bit of heckling from the announcer. All in good fun of course.
I am not sure exactly what facial expression that is. Maybe it was a burp.
Here you can see my secret to jumping over the barricades. Kinda like Michael Jordan, just not as obvious.

In the end, I may have broken into the top 10. Which was OK I gues, considering that was mid pack. Then after the race, I saw big boss man Glen Mitchell, Tonya, and Kira. I think he saw how disappointed I was finishing nowhere near the top, so to console me he said, "I didn't hire you to race cyclocross," but I think he meant to say, "good job, you'll get better with practice"

Thanks again to Veronika Lenzi for taking photos at this... "ride"

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