Sunday, February 8, 2009

No pie :-(

Well, today was the first race of the year. Getting ready to go was a nice reminder that it has been about 4 months (maybe more?) since I last raced. Leaving the house was a comedy of errors in itself trying to remember everything I needed to go race. Shoes, helmet, bike, water bottles, Kellogs bars, EFS bars, EFS liquid shots, Ultragen, EFS drink, cold weather gear, warm weather gear, warmup stuff, trainer (forgot the skewer), tools, license, and Emily. It's no wonder why people find it difficult to get into the sport. There are a lot of things to get right.

Emily decided to race today as well, so I had to try to remember to remind her of the things she needed too. But it was nice to have her race. She was pretty happy to get out and race again and I was happy to see her back in the saddle again too.

As far as my race went, it went very well. I had a pretty easy go of it just sitting on the front and covering moves. There was an early break that stuck for 90% of the race, but it didn't bother me since there was plenty of talent there to pull it back in the end. Add to that the bull's eyes on the back of all the pro jerseys in the peloton (we'll say about 8 of us representing 5 teams) and there was no incentive to chase it down early since the guys in the break wach had about a dozen team mates in the pack. In the end though I made a pretty rookie mistake, in that I thought the race was 75 minutes and when people started sprinting at 60 minutes, I assumed it was another prime. OOPS! Darn shame too since I was in really good position the whole last lap and had I known, I had plenty left to give it a good go. Oh well, there is plenty of racing left in the year. But I think I'll pay more attention to the race flier for the rest of my career.

Ride on!

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  1. Remember that first race of the season when that crazy lady ran over your 404 with her suv?

    Glad nothing like that happened this time around.