Wednesday, February 4, 2009

When purchasing Cereal, buy KELLOGS!!!

As most athletes know, carbohydrates are very important to performance and recovery. Before a workout, simple sugars and some protein in a 4:1 ratio can help boost the blood sugar while the protein helps regulate the insulin, meaning you'll get a controlled amount of energy in your blood stream. While I do not recommend solid foods 2 hours before threshold or above efforts, I would highly recommend a nice bowl of cereal before long rides. Plus, IF you are going to the grocery store, you owe it to yourself to buy Kellogs brands. "Why Kellogs?" you might ask... Well, because they are putting their money where their mouth is and supporting the sport by sponsoring Team Bissell. As part of their sponsorship, they will be trying to be more involved with the sport and that will in turn pay all of us cyclists back. Oh yeah, they also make very healthy food for breakfast, snacks, and even a well placed desert (Baer Naked Peanut Butter Granola with yogurt and a banana). Nutra-Grain bars also make a good low calorie snack to fend of that late morning hunger.

Ride hard and eat well!

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  1. Hey, timmo...
    I'll keep my eye on the Kellogs specials. I do try to support the sponsors. I think it's also good to send a note to the company to let them know that's why you're buying their product.