Monday, July 27, 2009

Evanston Update

The last race I did in Super week was the Evanston Criterium. As mentioned in my previous blog, the goal was to sit in and relax. I was able to do that pretty well. Went the whole race only having to cover 3 moves. Nothing too difficult though. As we were coming through the line at 2 to go, I was sitting 10th wheel and a chase group had just been caught. Noticing a sudden decrease in pack speed and seeing a clear line out of the pack, my instincts kicked in and I went for a suicide manuver. Looking back around corner 2 I had about a 5 second gap. Then going around the finish line at 1 to go I still had a gap, not sure what the time was, but the announcer was pretty excited to see the solo move and the crowd was loud enough to get the adrenalen surging through my veins. At this point, I knew it was do or die... don't look back till it's over.... tuck the head and ROLL!!!

The feeling was great. Either I would win the race or I would walk away knowing that I took a risk, had some fun, and entertained the fans for at least 1 lap. In the end, I got caught as I was lining up for corner 6 (of 7). Falling through the pack in the final sprint was not how I was hoping it to end, but no regrets.

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  1. Good for you, Tim. The crowd loves moves like that and it might have worked. You have to go with your instinct. Was good to see you.