Thursday, August 6, 2009

For those who care about racing in Sonoma County

The Committee met last night to prepare for the upcoming City Council meeting on August 11th, at 4:00. I know it's early for all that are working, but we really really need you there. We will be in/out of the meeting in most likely less than a 1/2 hour (our presentation will only be like 9 minutes total). And we are first on the agenda.

Also, I need a setup and tear-down crew for August 18th, 25th and Sept 1st. Since it's a new course I'm not sure how many people I'll need but at least for the 18th, the more the better. Please email me....or call.

Lastly, to all those that so graciously donated primes for the past races, we're calling out to you again to help us with primes for the next 3 dates. It's soooo appreciated and of course you'll get kudo's on the TNT website with links and logo's if you like.

Oh, and I need caution tape for one of the course corners if someone could make a donation, email or call me.

Thank you,

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