Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grand Rapids Update - BISSELL VICTORY

This trip has been a blast so far. My bro Tommy and I have been exploring the Grand Rapids night life (which is killer) and riding daily. Friday was the BISSELL company ride. Basically, all the BISSELL pros in town met at the BISSELL HQ for a meet and greet with the employees and all sponsors that felt like riding. We rode out of town and were greeted with a nice warm rain. It felt pretty good actually :-)

Saturday was the race. I met Beth at the Tannery Row apartment to watch Tom race. Then ate lunch and the rest of the boys came over for a pregame talk. Then it was GAME ON!!

From the gun, I launched an attack. Nothing too crazy, but enough to get the adrenalen going. Then Sheldon attacked, then Grammo attacked, and so on until Big Zirbel struck when the pack was weak. He ended up getting away with Jake Rytlewski and winnig the race.

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