Friday, August 14, 2009

Gratton Victory

The biggest race in Grand Rapids on Wednesday night's are out at the Gratton race track just east of town. It is a 2 mile somewhat hilly track that is normally used for race cars or prototype cars from the big 3.

The race started out as normal with a few attacks from the local strongmen. I like to do some early attacking as well since it gets me fired up and ready to drop the hammer later on ;-) Eventually Nathan Williams (BISSELL Elite) and I were in an 11 man break with about 30 seconds on the group. We were all rotating through pretty smoothly sans some shenanigans by a select few. Then at about 5 laps to go, Nathan thought it was a good idea to attack up the short kicker before the start/finish line. He and I went and the break got strung out, but nobody was willing to do the work needed to reel us back in. Every lap we added about 10 seconds to our lead. Nathan sucked up the prime points and I took the overall victory with him in tow.


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