Friday, September 25, 2009

God Bless Nebraska

Here are a couple pics from my recent trip back home. This first one I call Herby. We saw him in my home town bowling alley and I thought he was the true stereotypical man from Nebraska. Complete with torn up Nebraska Cornhusker ball cap that has seen more corn rows then Coolio. The beat up work boots, denim overalls, and a red flannel coat complete the Nebraska man wardrobe. I never introduced myself to him but rest assured his name has a biblical reference.

Below is "the gang." Nick and Matt are the guys I will be working with off the bike.

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  1. Timmay!!!

    Saw this in the PD's Levi ride wrapup this morning - you may have to set the German straight on this:

    “And it helps that the GranFondo is in California. California is very popular with Europeans. It's not like holding a GranFondo in Nebraska, and that's nothing against Nebraska.”