Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To Nebraska and back again

I spent all of last week in my old stomping grounds of Omaha and Lincoln, NE. For those of you who have never heard of Nebraska, don't worry, most people haven't either. So, here is a little background..

Nebraska is in the middle of the United States. We are "famous" for growing corn, feeding beef cows with the corn we grow, and then eating the steak that came from the cows that ate the corn along with corn muffins, creamed corn, and grilled corn on the cob. Omaha also hosts an annual tournament of college baseball teams called, "College World Series." However, it is rare that a team from Nebraska makes the tournament so few Nebraskan's actually know about it. Lastly, we are home to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Not only do we have an AMAZING volleyball team, but also an up and coming football team.

One thing that I was really looking forward to was the Wednesday Night Ride in Lincoln. Like clockwork, all of the whose-who of Nebraska cycling shows up for this ride. Since the State Road Race was the following Saturday, it was kept pretty chill, but we still had a good time. I got the chance to catch up with some of my team mates from back in the day that I haven't seen in a couple years. I also got to ride with the bro!

Below is my parents who came out to support their boyz (myself and Matt). Thanks for the support!

Can you feel the magic in the air? I could!

Below is Barbora, the great hope for the women's Husker Cycling team. She came to UNL from the Czech Republic to race MTB. Oh, and maybe get a degree ;-)

Team America (get it, red white and blue?) talking race tactics before the race. Pictured is me, Matt, and Bryan.

Here is Matt getting warmed up. The race started out pretty slow so somebody had to get on the front to keep it above 15MPH.

Lap 4 there was a flurry of attacks and ounter attacks just before the dam. I think I got the best of it as I broke away from the pack.

After a couple laps in the pictured positions, I came away with the win. Matt won the field sprint in 4th.

A well placed logo eh?

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