Sunday, December 21, 2008

Character Building.....

Today was another fine day in Northern California. I think the high temperature was in the low 40's with a lot of rain and a little breeze. Which is a perfect day to lounge by the fireplace and drink a fine Cabernet while nibbling on some creamy brie on sourdough bread. Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I am still juggling full time Engineering and full time cycling (so does that mean I am giving it 200%?). So I did not have the choice to take a recovery day and wine and dine by the fire. For those familiar with the area, I rode from my house to Occidental and then did the Chileno Valley Grasshopper loop. It was quite the ride cosidering the weather. Fortunately, my Marmot rain pants and Merrell Shell / Jacket kept me nice and toasty for the most part. Up the hills I unzipped the jacket and once at the top I closed down the hatches for decending. 6 hours later, Emily had a beef stew in the crock pot and we shared a couple glasses of local Shiraz (by the fire of course).
The pictures are from the top of the Marshall Road climb. Misty eh?!?

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