Friday, December 19, 2008

MMMM...... MMMMMM...... Tasty! Stout Brothers

I have had a few friends from school visiting me for the past couple days. They are Matt, Emmaly, Toya, and Nick. It has been fun so far. They have been going out and doing the typical San Francisco / Sonoma County touristy stuff during the day and hanging out with us in the evening. Last night, we had a fix'n for some Irish food. So we walked downtown Santa Rosa and found Stout Brothers. It was the kind of tasty that makes you want to go for a 2 hr run after, but man was it wirth it. I had the waiter "Burger me" (TM, Kevin B.) and had a Smithwick's. Although it is a classic, next time it's gonna be a Guinness. Matt had a traditional Shepards Pie... I don't remember the rest, but if you are in the mood for tasty Irish food, a friendly wait staff, andan Irish pub restaraunt, I highly recommend it.

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