Sunday, December 7, 2008

Herbie Husker strikes at Santa Rosa Cyclocross

Yesterday, I did my first cyclocross race of the season and as expected, it was pretty fun. Here in Cali, CX races have beer flowing, live music, and lots of fun people to hang out with. However I have to respond to the most common question I have gotten about the race, so here it goes.... No, I did not break my new CX bike. I have been riding it a lot lately and enjoying the heck out of it. But I got to tell you, there is a simple pleasure I get out of racing on a SS, out geared, out gunned, and over loaded (with beverage ;-) ) that I cannot get any other way. So for those of you that have wanted to try racing cross but think you need to go out and buy all sorts of fancy stuff to have fun, think again!

Special thanks to Veronika Lenzie for the photos! Did I mention photos make great christmas presents. ;-) She does sell them you know!

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