Monday, April 20, 2009

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - WNWCWC and Sonoma County Velo Project


Just kidding ;-)

However, there is something very important that I need to share with the world. As you may know, there is a movement growing within Santa Rosa to build a multi purpose cycling park in Santa Rosa. Ideas that are being floated around include a velodrome, BMX park, cyclocross track, and trails. However, more people are needed to voice their support during public meetings. (Apparently, there have been some empty rooms in previous city hall meetings pertaining to cycling friendly innitiatives, so let's not let this happen again!)

Here is a link for more information.

So..... Wednesday, April 22nd there will be a public meeting held at the Finley Community Center.

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Due to the importance of this meeting, we will meet at Finley Community Center at 4:00 SHARP. We will show our support of this project to all who is there (no worries, Carlos Perez confirmed spandex is appropriate attire for the event). The meeting should be done at about 5:00 and we will then proceed with the WNWCWC ride on its normal route.

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When: 4:00PM, Wednesday, April 22nd
Where: Finley Community Center, Santa Rosa, CA
Who: All that care about Sonoma County Cycling
Why: Because we all care about the future of cycling in Santa Rosa


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  1. Be sure to bring your children, or your friends children, or pictures of children! Nothing says loving of bike park features to the Board of Community Services like kids & families (and ultimately competitors too - but hey, lets pull at heart strings first!)