Thursday, April 30, 2009

Record attendance at WNWCWC

New folks showed up last night to the Wednesday Night West County World Championships. Gabe Cheese came out fully rigged for climbing with NO WATER BOTLES!!! Fritz Wisor came out and was Jones'ing for some sprints. But the big news was Nate from the Team Swift / Allsport, executing beautifully tactics to secure the Green jersey for next week by winning both the Pink Elephant and Guerneville sprints and a very close second place for the Santa Rosa sign sprint. Not bad for a guy with only a 52 / 14 gearing ;-) WELL DONE NATE!!! Giovanni and Devin also came out to play and did well mixing it up with the gang.

Daily Results

Nate - 10
Tim - 8
Devin - 3

Tim - 12
Nate - 8
Gabe - 2

Same time same place next week!


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