Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Santa Cruz Classic - Race Report

Just a few dudes chill'n in SC for a day.

BJM slamm'n it

I wonder who was marked? Andy followed by 3 berries... answer is...

Jono leading BJM safely through the hairpin turn.

It was a fine day in Santa Cruz. The weather was perfect, the crowd was loud, and the race was fast. The goal was to get one of the hometown boyz in a break and then see what happened. A few shenanigans here and there and a little full throttle action from the team Bissell and voila(!), we have ourselves a breakaway with AJM in control. BJM and I got to relax a little in the pack and cover bridge attempts. I am not sure what happened up in the front, as I was enjoying the ride in the peleton, but at about 5 laps to go, BJM was able to bridge up to a fragment of the original break to take 5th place. As for me, I placed 2nd in the bunch sprint for 17th overall. But hey, it was good enough for a VeloPromo tee shirt!

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