Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ever dialed 1-800-fun-town? Probably not... but if you do, you'll reach the Frankenmuth chamber of commerce in Frankenmuth Michigan. Quite the Bavarian town. They have a massive Christmas store that is open 365 days per year. Not sure why anybody would be buying a christmas tree stand in May, but apparently there is a market for it. Also, there is the Frankenmuth Road Race that was held this morning.

Seven Team BISSELL riders assembled to try to get to win. It started out a little chilly and a sprinkle of rain (on a side note, Bob got all suited up for the Masters race and after the first drop of rain hit the ground, he deceded not to even start). We ended up getting Nate (BISSELL elite) in a lead break Ben (BISSELL elite) in a following group. Not sure exactly what happened, but Nate ended up in 4th and Ben ended up 7th. Not too happy about the team results but oh well, tomorrow we will be in Iowa for a little redemption. Stay tuned.

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