Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Michigan - Kensington RR

I landed in Michigan Friday night and met with my team mate Sheldon Deeny who flew in from Fort Colins. Bob picked us up from the airport and took Sheldon and I out for a pre-race favorite, burgers and beers. Then it was off to Bob's house for a bike build session and preparations for the Kensington Road Race.

It was an early 4:30AM wake up call so we could make the journey accross the state. Ben, one of the Bissell Elite riders came over too and it was off to the races to meet up with the 4 other Bissell Elite riders.

The 85 mile road race started out pretty slow. I would be suprised if we were even going 20mph. Then Ben attacked the pack and the rce was on. An Essix Brass rider attempted a bridge and I was in perfect position to follow. After getting a nice tow up to Ben, the three of us dug in for a long break away. We rotated through pretty fast and there was no sign of a chase until mile 40. It took a couple laps for the pack to make up the 3 minute gap, but once they did around mile 50, it was rapid fire Bissell from the pack. Any time the pack would slow up a bit, a red rider would go off the front and force a chase. Several rounds each of the riders went off the front before one finally stuck. It was a move from Sheldon that had former Elite National Road Race champion Paul Martin on his wheel. Derick Graham (Bissell Elite) was soon to follow when Pal Martin's team mate bridged up too.

Sheldon put the hammer down and made it hard for the riders in tow. Paul attacked at about 1k to go, but Derrick followed and surged past him at 150 meters to go for the win.

Bissell Team Finishes
1st Derrick
3rd Sheldon
5th Nate
6th Tim
8th Ben

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