Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Horseshoes and hand grenades - Quad Cities Crit Race Report

Attacking on the inside. Nobody was watching ( yeah right! ;-) )

The race was dominated by the Texas Roadhouse. They had an answer for everything.

Myself and David, even though he is on Priority Health, he is an great dude.

Sheldon doing some work on the front

Me attacking and hoping to get string to snap. It never did though.

Monday's race went as planned until half way through 2 laps to go. Team BISSELL rode the front for the most of the race, only sticking our necks out when we were at risk. I also used the hot spot primes to get the feeling of the sprinting power of the pack. Fortunately, it seemed like it was nothing I couldn't handle. But as luck would have it at 5 laps to go, Texas Roadhouse and the Panthars (the two biggest / strongest teams) each had a guy up the road. Sheldon went to the front and crushed it for two laps hoping to catch them, but there were 3 Roadhouse riders on his wheel blocking for Bergman up the road. I was on the back of the Roadhouse riders comfortably in 5th position. Then once Sheldon came off the Roadhouse crew took an exceptionally wide turn around the back side at two laps to go and riders darted to the inside. Somebody hit me from the inside and knocked me off my line and then I had to decide between going into the curb & pole or hitting the brakes. That decision brought me from 4th wheel back to 40(+). Probably should have just soft attacked to the inside once I knew the pace would slow. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Wow nicely done.. How often do you blog news articles like these??